Cricket Surgery Drill

Ladder Catch and Throw Drills

For running technique, speed, catching and throwing

Using an agility ladder or mini hurdles, the fielder runs from one end to the other focusing on speed and good running technique. That the end of the ladder the fielder takes a catch fed to them,returns it and runs back down the ladder in the opposite direction. Repeat five times. Do three sets.


Try doing backwards running, two footed jumps or sidesteps.
Make the return a shy at the stumps.

Move the feeder to the middle of the ladder instead of the end and complete the catch/return in the middle of the drill.

Add a 10m sprint at the end of the ladder before the catch/return

Add several cones in a curved shape after the ladder to simulate running around the boundary (you can have two ladders and two boundaries to square it off if you like).

Add an extra ladder in line with a feeder in the middle. After completing the first ladder the feeder rolls the ball out away from the ladder the sets off on the second ladder. The first fielder fields the ball and throws it to the feeder who has completed the ladder drill.

Use a heavier ball to catch and return (but counter balance with a tennis ball and normal ball on a 3:2:1 ratio)

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