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Posted Feb 24, 2012 by Lip Service...

Graeme Swann - The King of Tweet

‘Hate traffic with a passion. Could do with a flying car at times. The ministry of magic might have something to say though.’ Steven Finn, revealing a Harry Potter love to the nation. Sort of makes his bouncers seem less intimidating somehow.

‘Don't pull that face @swannyg66. It makes your chin look bigger than normal. Forsyth's standard!’ Tim Bresnan being nice and friendly towards the king of cricket twitter (critter?) Graeme Swann.

‘Wouldn't mind going to see that new Di'caprio film Interception. Anyone seen it? Better not go see it with the mrs. Had to explain what was happening in Finding Nemo. Sounds like a mindbender!’ Way to respect the Mrs, Tim!

‘Back watching Jedward.. what has my life come to?’

‘Btw..note to all county players..if you dont want to play for England tweet something about the chairmen of selectors.Not the best move dim.’ – Michael Vaughan, despairing and advising in equal measures.

‘If anyone wishes to raise morale I will be sitting in Tesco car park Melton for the forseeable.’ - Jonathan Agnew, lamenting his tyre’s bad luck.

‘@Swannyg66 you turned down a coffee with me and Bres to watch total wipeout? That's low Graeme’

‘Rainy days at the cricket are tough. There's only so many times you can listen to @timbresnan having to explain a joke cos he told it wrong.’ - Jimmy Anderson, spreading the love amongst his team-mates.

‘Those of you abusing me for not watching notts all owe me one bag of opal fruits as way of apology. No sky sports in our hotel. Shame on you’ (later on) ‘What's this starburst nonsense? You'll b telling me there's no such thing as a marathon bar next. Raise your game people’

‘Watched Cardiff blues tonight with my mate powelly, number seventeen in Wales' most eligible batchelors 2006... ..I didn't even make the top twenty in Towcester's most eligible batchelors.’

‘I was overtaken by a silver micro doing about 110mph last night. Ten miles down the road it had broken down...
...i'm not too proud to admit to beeping my horn and laughing manically at the boy racer in his tinchy stryder hat. What a badger’

‘I'm ashamed to admit that I just knew all the words, and indeed dance moves, to a new kids on the block song on the radio... ...please tell me where to go for suitable punishment’ (later on) ‘I think those of you who suggested the death penalty may be on the harsh side.’

‘My cupboards were bare this morning apart from strawberry nesquick. It was the finest breakfast I've had since the age of six.’

'If your gcse grades aren't too good today, don't panic! Mine didn't set the world on fire but I can now write all joined up and everything’ – ALL Graeme Swann. What a guy!

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